These are the second socks I’ve ever knit: Jaywalkers. I finished them last weekend, and just wove in the ends tonight. They’re for my sister, whose feet are a size bigger than mine, so they look floppy and loose on my feet.

The color isn’t very true in either of these: they’re closer to the first one in general, but the red is brighter, closer to the second one, though neither is quite right. Teach me to take pictures in dorm lighting, eh?

The pattern is great: I could see how it was meant to work, and I was able to fiddle with it to make sure it’d fit sis’s feet just right. The patterning keeps it from sagging down your legs when you’re wearing them, and the only thing I’d change about them would be knitting the ribbing at the top on a smaller size needle: as it is it’s mostly decorative, not tight enough to make a difference. Thankfully they don’t need it to stay up!

First pair of socks!

I’ve recently discovered sock knitting, and I love it. The first pair of socks I knit were for my dad: he always asks for socks for Christmas and for his birthday, so I figured I’d knit him a pair. I ended up giving them to him after a last-ditch knitting marathon to finish the second one and he really liked them. This is one of the two: I had to beg him to take off one shoe so I could get a shot, and he wasn’t about to take off both shoes. I figure it’s a good sign.

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I knit them toe-up on five size 2 DPNs with short-row heels and the yarn self-striped.