KnitSpinQuilt Shop

The KnitSpinQuilt Shop is now (again) hosted on Etsy.

Check it out, and use code “KNITSPINQUILTREADER” for 10% off your purchase!


KnitSpinQuilt started in 2015 when I realized that while being a graduate student meant I don’t have a lot of spare income, I do have the ability to make items and donate the proceeds to charity.


Fundraising in 2017

In the beginning of 2017 raised $240 for Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières.

Now I’m fundraising for the Hispanic Federation for Puerto Rico disaster recovery.

Check out my Etsy shop, KnitSpinQuilt, to help me fundraise

Past Fundraising

In 2015, I donated $900 to the Johns Hopkins CTY Scholars Program.  In 2016, I donated almost $3,000 to the Flint Child Health Development Fund.

In 2015 and 2016, I donated the full purchase price (less Etsy fees) to the charities — but it became clear that I can’t continue to do that, because I was spending money on materials and overhead and fees and taxes.  Starting in January of 2017, I donate 30% of the purchase price (pre-discounts), which will allow me to keep doing this for longer without wiping out my own pocketbook.