First pair of socks!

I’ve recently discovered sock knitting, and I love it. The first pair of socks I knit were for my dad: he always asks for socks for Christmas and for his birthday, so I figured I’d knit him a pair. I ended up giving them to him after a last-ditch knitting marathon to finish the second one and he really liked them. This is one of the two: I had to beg him to take off one shoe so I could get a shot, and he wasn’t about to take off both shoes. I figure it’s a good sign.

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I knit them toe-up on five size 2 DPNs with short-row heels and the yarn self-striped.

Author: Alisa

I sew and bead to fundraise for charity. I have two spinning wheels and three sewing machines, and more knitting needles than I probably really need.

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