Why, hello July!

Wow. It’s been a downhill race since this May. To finish off the semester, I wrote three (5, 20, 20+ page) papers. Then I went to London (yay!) and did research, went to Spain and walked 300 kilometers (~200 miles) of the Camino de Santiago, from Leon to Santiago and finally spent a couple of days in Lisbon seeing the city and just relaxing.

I got back to the US just in time to spend a week in New Haven with Rare Book School, and then to go to a conference in Minneapolis. Phew.

The rest of the summer will be fairly sedentary compared to that: living in NYC and visiting CT, back and forth, while working on my department’s website and working on learning German, and trying to make time to edit a paper. And making time to sew, because, man, have I missed my sewing machine.

For now, let me show proof that I haven’t been completely unproductive — last weekend, I made four blocks for the INSPIRE circle of do.Good stitches. Now to get them into the mail! (They are STUPIDLY late, and I am so lucky that my circle-mates are so understanding. It’s really hard to sew while you’re walking the Camino de Santiago.)

Here are *cough* May’s blocks: little airplanes!
May Airplane Blocks

Here are June’s: wonky stars
June Wonky Star Blocks

I had a lot of fun with the wonky stars, but it’s not a pattern that calls to me for an entire quilt — that’s one of the best things about the INSPIRE circle — it makes me do blocks that I’d never do on my own, which is wonderful. :)

Author: Alisa

I sew and bead to fundraise for charity. I have two spinning wheels and three sewing machines, and more knitting needles than I probably really need.

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