Blog hiatus

As is perhaps obvious, the return to school has left me completely unable to keep up with this blog. It’s not even a question of having time to make posts: I don’t even have time to quilt, most weeks.

Once the semester ends, in late December, I hope to pick things up again. For now I miss having the time to comment and interact with folks: it feels very lonely.

On a different topic: I’m in New York City, which was surprisingly hard hit by Hurricane (Superstorm?) Sandy. I was very lucky: our house was untouched, and we didn’t so much as lose power. Since then, we’ve given blood and bought supplies for the shelter near our house, and signed up to work shifts, and been very, very grateful to have been spared and to be able to go on with our everyday lives with so little disruption.

But thousands of other people were not so fortunate, and the city is looking to try to house something like 40,000 families until their houses can be reconstructed or repaired. Not to mention the more than 100,000 people who are still without power, just in the five boroughs of New York City.

There is apparently a send-quilts-to-victims project, if you have the time to participate.

And if you’re financially able, the Red Cross is in desperate need of donations to be able to continue helping victims. Even $5 helps, if enough people kick in what they can. Thousands of people are in need of drinking water and food, and the Red Cross is doing a great job of getting to areas that were hard-hit.

My best wishes to anyone hit hard by Sandy, and I hope the recovery effort continues long and strong, because this isn’t something for which there will be a quick fix.

MA Sheep & Wool

Last weekend I visited a friend in Holyoke, MA, and on Sunday we went to the Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair. There, we saw a whole lot of sheep (as expected).

Some were very curious:

Some had horns, though I didn’t get pictures of the ones that had four horns:

And some were clearly destined to be sheared for spinning wool, and had silly jackets:

As for me, I liked the bunnies:

We trawled the vendors barns as well, and I picked up a bit of spinning fiber, but I don’t have any pictures of it just yet. Back to quilting on Friday. (Schedule change: updates twice a week, on M/W/F.)

After six years, let’s try this again

Six years ago, while I was in college, I started a knitting blog.  I kept it up for about a month and all of four entries, only two of which had photographs.  Let’s see if I can’t do better than that this time.

Now that it’s 2012, I’m a graduate student in medieval European history, and will be for about another five years.  In the intervening time I’ve picked up spinning (a few years ago) and quilting (a few weeks ago).  Sometimes I miss having a full-time job, especially when I have paper deadlines hanging over my head, but for the most part I’m pleased to be studying things I love.