Baby quilt

When my cousins had their first daughter about four years ago, I asked if they would rather have a knitted baby blanket, or a quilt, and they picked the quilt. So I pulled out a baby quilt that my grandmother had helped me start making when I was a teenager, (which had fallen into the … Continue reading Baby quilt

Where it began

Getting into quilting is largely what made me start this blogging thing up again.  And that’s largely because of quilting blogs I was reading that made me think “That’s gorgeous!” and “Hey, maybe I could eventually learn to do something like that!” Besides, it’s not as if I have a dozen knitting and spinning WiPs. … Continue reading Where it began


These are the second socks I’ve ever knit: Jaywalkers. I finished them last weekend, and just wove in the ends tonight. They’re for my sister, whose feet are a size bigger than mine, so they look floppy and loose on my feet. The color isn’t very true in either of these: they’re closer to the … Continue reading Jaywalkers